Honoring your ‘one’

This week we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week. Time to call our attention to the importance of sharing and celebrating kindness. The goal of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is to “make our world a kinder place one act at a time.” If you visit their site (https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/about-us) you will find inspiring stories and tips. You can also sign up to be a ‘RAKtivist’ which is like a kindness ambassador. To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, visitors to the site are encouraged to add an entry to the Who’s Your One? contest. Your ‘one’ is that special someone who inspires you to be a better person. When I read about this, I immediately thought of my mom. Kindness was second nature to her. Without┬áhesitating, she would be there to meet the needs of friends and family members. From the time we were young, she would pile my sisters and I into the station wagon and take us on the weekly Meals on Wheels delivery. These people soon became more than a name on the delivery route. We looked forward to checking in with them each week and listening to their stories. When I became a mom, I signed up for our local Meals on Wheels program and piled my own children into the minivan; many days with my mom along for the ride. Again, we made many special friends and learned to appreciate the struggles these people dealt with. Small acts of kindness like this can make a big difference.

During this week dedicated to kindness find some small gesture to share. Perhaps you can pick up a few extra canned goods when you are grocery shopping and drop them off at your local food pantry. Who knows, this may become a habit!

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