Finding Kindness All Around You

Recently I was sitting in the waiting area of a large children’s hospital. One look around the room certainly put things into perspective. Some of these children had major health challenges and my heart went out to them and their families. Considering some of their quality of life issues made my own problems pale in comparison.

On the wall behind the seating area was a large colorful display with the following phrase in large black letters, “Throw kindness around like confetti!”. Such a happy, carefree image! What could be a somber place was filled with joy. On the columns and adjacent walls were post-it notes in a rainbow of colors. Curious, I got up to see what they said. Each one contained a short note written by patients and staff about a kindness that was done for them. Some of these included giving a nice smile, complimenting a new haircut, bringing an extra coffee for them, telling a joke when they were sad or not feeling well.

I have tried to keep that image in my mind as I go about my daily life. What type of confetti can I add to that wall? Like the examples above, it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Paying the clerk at the grocery store a compliment or asking an elderly neighbor how they are can mean a lot. It may even spark a chain reaction. The more confetti, the merrier!

I didn’t expect to find that special reminder of the value of kindness when I sat down in that waiting room. I guess the point is that kindness is all around you.

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