Every Little Bit Helps!

On my way into Hartford this week, I noticed a billboard on the side of the highway with the compelling face of a young boy looming. Under his photo it simply said, “One in five children goes hungry each day.” Could this be true? Later that night I checked the Feeding America website. Their information confirmed this. It also expounded on all of the risks to children who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. They often struggle in the classroom and can end up repeating a grade, in addition to having difficulties with language and motor skills. Many children struggling with hunger have a higher risk of developing certain health conditions like asthma and they often exhibit social and/or behavioral problems. Very often, their parents are doing the best they can, but a job loss or medical crisis can tip the balance of the family budget in the direction of hunger.

Fortunately, Feeding America and its network of food banks is able to work magic with donated funds. For every dollar donated, they are able to distribute ten meals to people struggling to put food on the table. That’s the reason I have chosen Feeding America as one of the two charities to which I donate a portion of the profits of my jewelry sales.

The problem of hunger in this country is huge. An estimated forty-six million people look for help each year. These people could be your coworker, neighbor, or your child’s classmate. You may be wondering how you can really make a difference. I truly believe that every little bit helps! Donating food can be as easy as taking advantage of a grocery store’s promotion offering a “buy one, get one free” promotion. Collect some of these free or low-cost items and when your bag is full drop it off at your local food bank. Some food banks just need your help, especially during harvest season, to sort and inspect the produce. Click here to learn more about Feeding America and the difference they are making in the struggle to reduce the hunger problem in our country.

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